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Distinguished Career Achievement Award

The Distinguished Career Achievement Award was established to recognize and celebrate the achievements of established scholars in cinema and media studies. Nominations for the SCMS Distinguished Career Achievement Award are invited from the membership each year. 

Nominees are judged on the following criteria: 

  • A record of distinguished contributions to the profession; 
  • A significant body of scholarly work over time that has helped shape the field; 
  • Active membership in SCMS for a number of years. 


  • A completed nomination form containing the name of the nominee, his/her affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address and supporting comments about the nominee along with the contact name and e-mail address(es) for the person(s) who is nominating the individual for the award must be submitted online by July 31, 2018, 5:00PM CT. 
  • The nomination statement should be under 1000 words. 

Past winners of the SCMS Distinguished Career Achievement Award:
2018: Jane Gaines
2017: Michele Hilmes
2016: Rick Altman 
2015: Tom Gunning
2014: Richard Abel 
2013: Linda Williams 
2012: Vivian Sobchack 
2011: Dudley Andrew 
2010: Teresa de Lauretis 
2009: E. Ann Kaplan 
2008: Thomas Elsaesser 
2007: Richard Dyer 
2006: B. Ruby Rich and Peter Wollen 

Acceptance speeches from recent DCAA winners can be read and/or viewed here.

Formerly Honorary Membership Award: 
2005: Pearl Bowser and Stuart Hall 
2004: David Shepard 
2003: Noel Burch 
2002: Robin Wood 
2001: Laura Mulvey 
2000: Rudolf Arnheim 
1999: Kevin Brownlow 
1998: Jack C. Ellis 
1997: William K Everson 
Iris Barry 
Eileen Bowser 
Stan Brakhage 
Ernest Callenbach 
William K. Everson 
Frances Flaherty 
Lewis Jacobs 
Arthur Knight 
Jay Leyda 
Christian Metz 
Annette Michelson 
Jean Mitry 
Erwin Panofsky 
Amos Vogel