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Distinguished Pedagogy Award

SCMS confers an annual Pedagogy Award for outstanding pedagogical achievement in Cinema and Media Studies. The Pedagogy Award Committee adjudicates nominations according to criteria of pedagogical achievement in some or all of the following areas: Instruction; Publication and Development of Educational Materials; Service/Value in Cinema and Media Studies Pedagogy.  SCMS will present a trophy and a check for $500 to the winner at the annual conference. 

General Instructions and Timeline

Nominees and nominators must be full members of the Society for the 2018-2019 membership year.  Supporting letters may come from non-members.  Nominees may be from teaching colleges, R1 universities, Community College, or other higher education institutions. They may be full-time, part-time, contingent, or recently retired faculty members. Nominations may cover lifetime teaching achievements or focus on achievements or innovations during a specific time period.  Members of SCMS may self-nominate for this award.  

  • The SCMS office will verify the eligibility of the entry and verify membership before distributing copies to the committee members. Nominators or nominees complete the online nomination form by July 31, 2018, 5:00PM CT.    
  • The SCMS office notifies nominees by August 15, 2018.In the case of persons nominated by others, nominees must accept or decline the nomination by September 5, 2018
  • If the nomination is accepted, the nominator and nominee are responsible for compiling and sending an electronic copy of the dossier to the SCMS Office at scms-office@ou.edu by November 5, 2018, (5:00PM CT) with the subject line PEDAGOGY DOSSIER. 

Dossier Guidelines

Table of Contents (1 page 12 point Times):

  1. Curriculum vitae: maximum five pages. May include some but not necessarily all of the following: educational background; teaching positions held; courses taught (including optional brief descriptions); awards, grants; publications; service. All material listed in the C.V., should be related to pedagogy.  An example of a successful dossier is available upon request to scms-office@ou.edu.  
  2. Nominee's statement: maximum 750 words (3 pages 12pt Times). Statement should answer the questions: How do I teach? Why do I teach? 
  3. Nomination summary statement (by nominator or by nominee if self-nominated): maximum 1250 words (5 pages 12pt Times). Summarizes the nominee’s accomplishments and provides overview of supporting documents. 

Supporting documents may include all or some of the following:

  • letters from students and colleagues
  • evidence of classroom, curricular, or syllabus innovation;
  • exposure of graduate students to research opportunities;
  • mentorship and advising of students;
  • writing or editing of publications on pedagogy or that assist with an understanding of the links between media and pedagogy;
  • evidence of media literacies;
  • working towards inclusiveness in the classroom and on campus.

Award Criteria
The following three areas will be weighed by the Pedagogy Award Committee, with the acknowledgment that equal work in all three areas is not necessarily expected. While a balance of outstanding teaching practice, influential pedagogical materials, and effective service to the field is optimal, instances may exist in which exceptional work in one of the first two areas will be considered appropriate for conferral of the award. Outlined below are guidelines rather than fixed criteria. 

The nominee may demonstrate evidence of outstanding achievement in some but not necessarily all of the following areas:


  • Engaging student interest within the day-to-day workings of the large or small group undergraduate or graduate classroom;
  • Designing imaginative and/or innovative assignments, lessons, lectures encouraging and nurturing student scholarship and/or production;
  • Encouraging and influencing minority, deprived, or challenged students;
  • Mentoring students effectively through thesis, dissertation, internship, or production supervision;
  • Instructing and mentoring graduate teaching assistants in their own classroom methodology and practice;
  • Providing educational outreach to teachers at the secondary and elementary levels in an attempt to extend cinema and media education beyond the university;
  • Developing programs (courses, workshops, seminars, tutorials) to improve teaching in the field at any or all levels;
  • Providing support for graduates and junior faculty as they become professionalized in the classroom and the field;
  • Providing opportunities beyond the classroom for students to engage with cinema, television, and new media and with scholarship in those areas (fieldtrips, media clubs, film and media series, speakers series, etc.);
  • Extending cinema and media education to the larger university and the community beyond. 

Publication and Development of Educational Materials

  • Authoring or co-authoring influential textbook(s) for use in the graduate, undergraduate, or secondary cinema and media studies classroom;
  • Authoring or co-authoring influential books or essays on pedagogy, teaching methodology, and/or practice in the field;
  • Creating useful digital materials to aid in cinema and media pedagogy;
  • Producing quality educational films, videos, or digital materials for use in the graduate, undergraduate, or secondary cinema and media studies classroom;
  • Designing influential web-based instructional resources and/or research instruments for use in cinema and media studies.

Service/Value in Cinema and Media Studies Pedagogy

  • The nominee should include evidence of strong contributions in several but not necessarily all of the following areas: 
  • Leading or participating in panels or workshops devoted to cinema and media studies pedagogy;
  • Developing curriculum in cinema and media studies locally or beyond;
  • Designing courses in cinema and media studies locally or beyond; 
  • Participating in educational planning and/or policy making in the field;
  • Serving on professional policy committees devoted to cinema and media pedagogy.

Past winners of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Pedagogy Award 

2018 John T. Caldwell
2017 Ellen Seiter
2016 Eylem Atakav 
2015 Matthew Bernstein 
2014 Timothy Corrigan 
2013 Constance Balides 
2012 Marsha Cassidy 
2011 Charles Wolfe
(2010 No Award Given)
2009 Barry Grant
2008 Diane Carson 
2007 Chuck Kleinhans