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Distinguished Service Award

Since 2003 the SCMS Service Award has honored individuals who have demonstrated sustained commitment to the Society. The Board of Directors nominates and selects the winner. The Board is not required to select a winner every year, but only when a worthy candidate emerges. Board nominations are made prior to the Fall Board of Directors’ meeting to allow Board members time to consider the nominees carefully. The nominee should not be a current member of the Board. Board members must prepare a nomination statement describing the nominee’s service to SCMS (not scholarly achievements) and why s/he deserves the award. 

Previous winners of the SCMS Service Award: 
2018: Chris Holmlund
2017: Haidee Wasson 
2016: Andy Horton 
2015: Jane Dye 
2014: Patrice Petro 
2013: Heather Hendershot 
2012: Eric Schaefer 
2011: Peter Decherney 
2010: Jane Dye, Debbie Rush and Leslie LeMond 
2009: James Castonguay 
2008: Lucy Fischer 
2007: Jeremy Butler 
2006: Justin Wyatt 
2005: Vivian Sobchack 
2004: Janice R. Welsch 
2003: Virginia Wexman